What We Offer…

We Offer Many Educational Services and Customize Each Student’s Program!

Diagnostic Testing

To determine an individual’s grade level of proficiency in reading, writing and math, cognitive abilities, strengths and weaknesses in school courses, and study skills efficiencies.

Individualized Reading, Writing, Math, and Other Instruction

For those who desire to improve their skills in reading, writing, math, and/or any other subject area particularly for students whose level of ability is not appropriate for their grade level in school.

Tutoring in School Subjects

Enables students to increase their understanding and mastery of course material in school subjects, thus improving their grades in school.

Motivational Study Skill Courses

For students who are in need of a greater desire to do well in school and/or who need organization, listening skills, test taking abilities, and other areas as they pertain to good study orientation. We offer study skills classes to all ages and separate our classes by students’ grade levels in school.

SAT, ACT and other Standardized Test Preparation

For students who want to improve their college entrance exam or other test scores for the purposes of college acceptance and/or scholarships. Students who attend any of our preparation courses will maximize their test taking potential and be better prepared for the rigor of college academics.

College Admissions Process & Scholarship Counseling and Coaching Program

Total Learning Concepts CAPS Program is for high school students who desire to have a professional counsel and coach them through the many important tasks necessary to insure the admissions to their college of choice. Included in our advisement is important information regarding finding scholarship money for college and how to reduce college costs.

Advanced Placement Course Support & National Test Preparation

For high achieving students who desire to improve their grade in an Advanced Placement course and/or who desire to prepare for the National AP test(s) in May.

End of Semester / Final Exam Review Classes

For any high school student who wants to properly and thoroughly prepare for his/her semester final exams.

Georgia Milestones / “End of Course Test” Preparation Classes

For students in Georgia who desire to prepare for the State’s required tests at the end of specific courses.

Summer Tutoring

For students who want to get ahead for the next school year or catch up academically before school starts.

Other Special Services