A Guide for Parents and School-Age Students

Welcome to the Academic Success Strategies podcast, powered by Our Town Gwinnett Magazine. The show discusses significant educational topics pertinent to school-age students. In this enlightening episode #4 , Carol Wood, founder and owner of Total Learning Concepts…provides valuable insights about the Georgia Milestones Assessment for parents and students. The Georgia Milestones is designed for … Read more

It’s Back to School Time!

Are you ready to learn? Good… you are at the right place for Episode 3 of the Academic Success Strategies show. As always, the show’s host is Carol Wood. Carol is the founder and owner of Total Learning Concepts, a privately owned and managed professional tutorial service, and accredited high school. Each episode of Academic … Read more

Is Social Media and Technology Affecting our Students?

Total Learning Concepts

If you are a parent of a school aged student, you are likely wondering if your children are being negatively affected from the use of so many technological devices. From cell phones, computers, music devices, electronic notebooks, Facebook, Twitter, etc., students are likely involved in their use. Is all of this electronic interaction negatively impacting … Read more

Appreciating and Supporting TEACHERS

Total Learning Concepts

Appreciating and Supporting TEACHERS By Carol C. Wood / Founder & CEOTotal Learning Concepts, Inc. As the new school year begins, it is a good time to recognize those who have dedicated and committed themselves to the education of students. Whether one teaches 4-year olds in a Pre-kindergarten program or adults who are furthering their … Read more