Launch to High School

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For Rising 9th Grade Students: Launch to High School By Carol C. Wood / Owner & College Admissions Process CounselorTotal Learning Concepts, Inc. So, you’re a rising 9th grader, your first year of high school! As you begin your high school career, you will adjust to a new building, attend school as the youngest, meet lots of … Read more

Start School Sharp.

Total Learning Concepts

This summer, Prepare to START SCHOOL SHARP! By Carol C. Wood Founder & CEO Total Learning Concepts, Inc. Woohoo! School is out for the summer so learning can stop! Right? Wrong! Summer time provides the BEST opportunity students have to enrich their academic skills if they desire to get ahead before school begins again or … Read more

Teenage Stress, Anxiety, and Depression

As an educational professional, I have consulted and worked with many teenage students who are trying to cope with stress and anxiety. I am saddened each time to learn about their struggles and feel propelled to help. Teenagers are not immune from stress and anxiety. Just because they are young and somewhat carefree, they still … Read more

The Importance of a Good Vocabulary

Improving your vocabulary is one of the most important academic investments you can make, however, it is often overlooked. Most of us use slang words and phrases, simple words, and at times even improper grammar when we speak and write. Good vocabulary is sometimes ignored and is considered to be somewhat “out of style”. Young … Read more