For Educators: Ways to Curtail Student Cheating

This is the concluding blog in this series on student cheating and is intended for the educators working with students in our community. *Create an honor code with student input so they are invested in it. *Make it clear to students that cheating is unacceptable, and have them sign a document that says they have … Read more

Types of Cheating and Why Students Cheat

To expand on last month’s article on disturbing facts about student cheating, this month I will focus on the types of cheating and why some students cheat. Next month the focus of my article will be on the consequences of cheating and intervention methods for educators and parents to utilize in order to greatly curtail … Read more

Say It Isn’t So! Students Cheating in Our Schools?

Recently, the media reported on the percentage of students who are cheating in schools in order to receive their desired grades. As an educator, this was an alarming report to hear, so I began to research for more information on this topic. So much information was located that it is impossible to include it all … Read more