Outdoor Play: A Lost and Forgotten Adventure

When I was a young girl, the majority of free time after school and in the summer was time spent outdoors. Kick ball, dodge ball, crack the whip, tag football, shooting hoops, making mud pies, exploring the creek for tadpoles and frogs, digging to the center of the earth, swimming, tennis, scavenger hunts, swaying on … Read more

Interviewing for a Summer Job

Many high school students are beginning to look for summer employment. In fact, many adults are seeking employment, too. In order to increase the chance you are hired for the job being sought, it is important you thoroughly prepare for the interview and articulate how you are a “fit” for the position. It is important … Read more

Written Language: An Indicator of Children’s Cognitive Development

With the ever growing use of computers, cell phones, and other forms of technology there is concern amongst many educators and parents that children will never fully develop their potential in creative and mechanically sound written expression. We have all seen the abbreviations used in text and instant messaging and often witnessed what appears to … Read more

Instill A Love of Learning In Your Children & Students

Have you ever watched a baby or young child learn by exploring the world around? The eagerness in the child’s face demonstrates a yearning to learn as much and as fast as possible! Learning opens up a new world by enabling us to understand how things connect, act, and react to each other! It is … Read more