What Our Students and Parents are Saying

Read About the Success of our Students!

We are so appreciative of the many parents who have placed their trust in us at Total Learning Concepts to assist their children in reaching his or her academic goals and potential. There are so many letters from parents that have been received just this quarter that we wanted to share them with you.


These letters are proof that individualized instruction at Total Learning Concepts works!

WOW! My ACT composite score went UP to a 25!!☺ N. H.

My son scored a 97% on his math final exam and passed the class with a 70%! G. H.

Sidnee received the highest grade in her PreCalculus class with a 102%! She made 2 B’s and 4 A’s on her final report card! M. C.

Before TLC: 62% After TLC: 88% Woohoo! M. S.

J.S. improved her math grade from a “D” to a strong “B”. YIPPEE! Mrs. B

“Thanks to Theo’s valiant effort, I went from an “F” to a “B” in math! I can’t say enough about the help I received at TLC. Thank you! Thank you!” G. N.

“Thank you so much for your help. It is nice to see the leader, Carol, being a real leader and jumping in when people need help. Just wanted to say how awesome TLC is and how honored I am to be a part of the instructor team!” P. D.

I made a 400 total SAT score improvement! M. T.

“Your service has proven itself to be priceless. My son, received a 90% on his Honors LA Final Exam, after taking your Final Exam Review course; his first exam “A” of the semester! Upon comparison to other tutorial services that I have utilized over the years, I’ve found that your structure guarantees the student’s success. Your instructors are all very knowledgeable.” J. L.

“Thank you so much for helping me to pass the COMPASS Test. You are the absolute best!” – C.P.

“Thanks for providing a valuable service to the community.” A. S.

“My daughter’s high PSAT scores got her nominated as a National Merit Scholarship Semi-Finalist. When I asked if she thought that participating in the PSAT/SAT/ACT prep course at TLC helped, she said, “Most definitely!” B.H.

“Hello, I am writing to thank all the staff of this wonderful place, TLC! I am very happy because my son was accepted to Kennesaw University for the Fall semester and this was possible because of your help and professional advice. I would recommend TLC to everybody!” G. R.

I would like to thank Mr. Victor and Mr. Chris for all the help they gave me. I want to thank them for all the advice and strategies they gave. They were extremely nice and friendly. They were very helpful to me towards my preparation for the SAT/ACT. Thank you for everything Mr. Victor and Mr. Chris!!!

Dear TLC,

My overall satisfaction with the academic assistance I received as a result of attending your motivational study skills course is excellent! I realized very good results from what was taught to me during the 12 hours of sessions, enjoyed attending them and found the center amazing at providing an environment in which I could learn! My TLC instructor was extremely effective! When asked what I liked most about attending Total Learning Concepts I would have to say the friendly and caring staff. When asked what you all could do to improve your service, I have to say there is not a thing you could do better because everything was perfect!! J. K.

Total Learning Center:

Amanda has improved so much and her confidence is really growing.

Thank you,

Total Learning Concepts:

Our son responds well to the small group, one-on-one learning setting at TLC.

Thank you for being here and offering the tutoring and the talented teachers. We’ll be back.


To Whom It May Concern:

I would highly recommend that Total Learning Concepts be included in your database as an organization qualified to work with individuals with brain and spinal cord injuries. The staff is very kind, courteous, and understanding. They place each student with the tutor they feel would best match the student’s academic needs and personality. Each student is greeted by name when they come in the door.

The tutors are knowledgeable, encouraging, and extremely qualified. They are provided with the results of the individual student’s strengths and weaknesses according to academic and motivational screenings available at the center. The tutoring sessions are filled with motivating activities planned according to the student’s needs, or by assisting the student with homework, reviewing for tests, and teaching study skills. The tutors are flexible according to the individual student’s needs.

My husband and I have been very pleased with our daughter’s progress since joining the center. They have been very cooperative working with our daughter and us. They are anxious to answer questions, willing to listen to concerns, and schedule tutoring sessions to fit the student’s schedule. We receive a monthly report documenting her progress and future recommendations. Total Learning Concepts truly has the best interest of the student as their first priority. We are looking forward to another successful school year.


To Whom It May Concern:

I think TLC is a top-notch business! Everything is handled very professional.

Courtney did not hesitate to come back for help.

Thanks for your help!

Total Learning Concepts:

Amanda has improved so much and her confidence is really growing.

Thank you,

Total Learning Concepts:

Thank you for providing such a wonderful place for students who need extra help. Laura has greatly improved her English skills under your tutoring.


Total Learning Concepts:

I want to thank you for the assistance you have given my daughter over the past couple of months. She has enjoyed her sessions and they have helped her greatly.