Tips for Becoming A Superstar Student

By Carol C. Wood – Founder & CEO

  1. Know that you are UNIQUE and SPECIAL!! There is no one just like you! Always try to do the best you possibly can with the talents and skills with which you have been gifted.
  2. Set short term and long term academic goals. Decide that you will work toward these goals. Your reward will be better grades, a brighter future and the satisfaction of knowing that you did all that you possibly could.
  3. Arrive in class on time and prepared with pencil, paper, books, completed homework assignments and a good attitude. Read before going to class. You are preparing for a future that is to be fulfilling and prosperous.
  4. Listen carefully to your teacher’s explanation of topics. Ask questions when you are confused. Answer questions voluntarily in class, even when you are not asked. Take notes in class.
  5. Keep a course notebook, even if one is not required. Organization is essential for learning.
  6. Use class time wisely. When given free time at the end of class, start your homework. This is an excellent time to make sure you understand the assignment, and if not, ask your teacher to clarify it. Do not just wait for the bell to ring.
  7. Rework all questions you miss on tests and quizzes the same day you get them back from the teacher. Ask your teacher for assistance if necessary or bring them to your next tutoring session.
  8. Never go on to the next subject or concept until you have mastered the previous one. Learn from an exam or test after you take it.
  9. Get up as early in the morning as possible (the mind is a “blank slate” – easy to fill). Do not put off homework/study until late in the day (when the mind is “full” and tired).
  10. You must have silence when studying. Listening to music (or TV) forces your brain to do two things at once. Return to the same place to study every time. Get a good table or desk. NEVER study on the sofa or bed!
  11. Do not allow any interruptions, such as phone calls from friends, while you study.
  12. You need to have good lighting and all your resource materials close by.
  13. ALWAYS begin with the material that’s hardest for you.
  14. Get the phone number of someone in your class so that you can get assignments and class notes when you are absent.
  15. Have someone from class to your home to study for quizzes and major tests with you. This is usually not your best friend, rather someone you are acquainted with, share the same goals with and who is responsible.
  16. Do homework every night it is assigned. If you have no homework assignments, review the day’s notes from each class and outline them. This will help you organize your thoughts so you can learn more and do so efficiently.
  17. Stop thinking of school as a place where things are done to you; it’s the place where you do things for yourself.
  18. Remember, you have been successful if you have tried your very best!!