Questions to Ask Potential Tutorial Services

by Carol Chandler-Wood

What is your philosophy of teaching?

What type of services do you or your center provide?

Will my child be tested?  If so, how is my child assessed?

What tests are used?  What types of tests are used?  Are they nationally recognized and state approved?

Will I be given a written summary of the test results and the academic plan for my child?

Can I provide testing information that has been done at the local school?  (Iowa Test of Basic Skills, Criterion Reference Tests, Chapter Tests as given by the classroom teacher, etc.)

Is testing mandatory for my child to be a student with you?

What is the cost for testing?

Where are the tutoring sessions to be conducted?  (Ask to see the actual location)

Will my child see the same tutor each week?

Will my child have homework after each session?

What materials do you use?  Are these the same as my child will be using in school?  If not, how will you avoid confusion in teaching styles between school and tutor?

Is there any coordination between tutor and schoolteacher?

What is you student/tutor ratio?

What happens if the tutor’s teaching style does not match the child’s learning style?

What is the cost for sessions?

Do the fees charged include any other services other than the tutoring sessions?

How many sessions do you feel my child will need?

How often will I receive feedback about my child’s progress?

Could you send me printed material describing your qualifications, degrees, specialty areas and/or teaching experience?

Ask the tutor or tutoring facility for references.  When calling references, ask the following questions:

  • How satisfied were you when working with this individual or facility?
  • What kind of progress did your child make?
  • Did your child enjoy attending his or her tutoring sessions?
  • Do you feel the tutor or tutoring facility was eager to see that your child received the best help possible?